Update - 9/16/01

Wow! What a crazy week! We thought that we'd escaped the terrorist attacks on 9/11 unscathed, but found out yesterday that a friend from the Las Vegas Email lists and Sonya's message board was working on the 97th floor of the World Trade Center. What a tragedy!

But on the up side, we had a major happy event in our home. THE COUCH ARRIVED!!! After 8 weeks without a sofa, our LaZBoy dream couch arrived on Saturday morning. We celebrated by taking some Christmas money I had saved (Thanks Grandma!!) to buy Forrest Gump, Dances with Wolves and Close Encounters Collectors Special Edition DVDs.

Here's our couch. Dan loved it when we first saw it in the LaZBoy store and although we looked at about a dozen others, we went right back to it. The sofa has two recliners (one on each end) and the center section flips down to be a drink holder, storage area and has some sort of tray thing there too. Cobweb still isn't sure about it, but we love it!

<-- Pay no attention to the pile of chairs and stuff behind the couch. That's what remains of the dining set. :-(

The table is at the repair shop and eventually we'll have a table to eat at again.

It's been a trying week but we have to keep remembering that when our little family can go out on our patio and watch sunsets like this, it can't be all bad, can it? :-)


We've also been out doing a little bit of sightseeing and checking out some of the local attractions before the weather gets too bad. To see what we did, click here.

Oh.. and one more thing. Guess who figured out how to get into the fireplace? Somebody decided she needed a closer look at what was in the back of that big hole that Dan and I keep insisting is a "No!". Look at this chin. Guess who got a bath. :-)