Out and About

We've had some time to get out and do a little sightseeing. We have been tackling the Hood Canal Loop in small sections. The first time out we made it to Port Angeles, but didn't have enough time to see Hurricane Ridge as we spent too much time in Port Townsend. We did manage to take a very short walk up the Lake Angeles trail.. maybe 1/3rd of a mile. But it was enough to really feel the difference of being in the forest. It's like you're just absorbed into the woods as soon as you walk through the "gateway" at the trailhead. Well, look at the pictures.. you can see where you are just enveloped by the trees.

The follwing weekend we made a special trip out to Hurricane Ridge and were pleased to find there was some sort of special going on in Washington where all the national parks were free. What a bargain. :)

We really had a nice time. The area is gorgeous and we loved looking at the Carrie Glacier through the spotting scope in the visitor center.

We had a deer walk right across our path as we made our way around the Cirque trail at Hurricane Ridge. We also really liked seeing the ski lodge and Dan looks forward to coming back up here in the winter for some skiing with a view of Canada in the distance.
After we left Hurricane Ridge, we visited another section of the park and saw a gorgeous waterfall. It looked just like one in Hawaii. I don't have a good picture of it though as the light was pretty bad. It was too late in the day. Driving home we couldn't find a coffee stand to get a latte for the drive home. We decided instead to stop for dinner. We'd been passing this restaurant that looked a little scary, but always had a full parking lot. We decided to try it out and were glad we did. The food was excellent and the price not too bad for seafood. But look at the restaurant.. It does look a little questionable, doesn't it? :-)


The next day we did a bit more of the loop. Probably more than we needed to do that weekend, but it was still nice to get out and see more things. We took a lot less photos because we were tired, but we saw some beautiful things and places.

Hood Canal View

Resting by a creek

Beautiful forest