November & December 2002

The year is wrapping up quickly. Sorry I haven't done more updates here. So, here's what I've got for November and December.

The cats got Christmas a little early when Dan and I found a sale on cat furniture at Petco. We'd been wanting a bigger piece of furniture for them to climb up high. Our reasoning was that would keep them off the top of the cabinets and refrigerator. I know, what were we thinking? But it was worth a try anyway. :)

Also I've been stitching again. I've been working on Stroke of Midnight and I think I'm actually going to finish it in 2003. Maybe :)

I spent a bit of time in December looking for some more spun glass ornaments like this one:

I love these spun glass ornaments, but I never can find them anyplace because they break so easily. I'd love to have a whole bunch of these. If anyone finds some, let me know!

Dan went out searching for one at the Tacoma Museum of Glass but found this gorgeous one instead:

Pretty gorgeous! We got our tree up on December 7th, but didn't get it decorated until the 9th due to my annual case of the Chistmas Colds. But I think it turned out nice. I was in love with a slightly larger tree, but I'm so glad we didn't get it. As it is, this tree almost touches the ceiling. We need a much bigger house if we are going to get a bigger tree. :)

That's right after we decorated. Now there are gifts underneath and I've rearranged the ornaments a few times. We're looking forward to a quiet holiday here at home with movies and presents and together time. Dan's working the 26th and 27th, but is going to have a long weekend with me through the 1st.

Funny story - He went down to Los Angeles to visit with family over the weekend of the 14th and made a side trip to Las Vegas to cash in some checks we got through a credit card affiliated with some of the hotels. He stopped off at Caesars to bet on Washington State in the Rose Bowl. He went up to the sports book to make the bet and they needed the number of the team. He looked up on the board and saw "Washington" and gave them the number. Sunday night, when he got home, I asked to see the ticket. He handed it to me and I asked why it said "Sun Bowl" on it and why it said, "Washington" and not "Washington State". Oops! Dan bet on the wrong game. But once we talked to some more football savy friends we found out that maybe that was the better bet anyway. Now I get to see TWO bowl games this year instead of just one. :) Should be fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday no matter what you're doing. You'll all be in our thoughts!

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!!!