February 2003

Been a busy month! February 1st, we went over to Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course to look at possible wedding sites. You can see more about that on the wedding page here.

The next weekend (Feb 9th) we went to Issaquah to get some paper at Paper Zone and then up to Snoqualmie ski resort to have a picnic lunch. It was beautiful and sunny and warm in the snow, not at all what it was like at sea level. Bizarre weather around here really takes some getting used to.

On Valentine's Day weekend, we had a great time. We had a quiet Valentine's Day. Took forever to get some takeout from Outback. Yikes! Should have known to cook on a holiday like that one. But we had a nice time at home and I love my "Kiss Me, Baby" bear that I got.

Saturday, the 15th, we got up early and got on the Bainbridge Ferry. It was absolutely JAMMED with people and cars. Saturday was the big War in Iraq protest in Seattle and the ferry was full of people making signs and getting ready to march. Felt a little bad for not participating, but we do our own thing to voice our opinions.

Got some Togo's in Bellevue and were headed north on 405 to I-5. It was pouring rain all the way up to Mount Vernon. When we turned off of I-5 onto 20, it was lightening up a little bit. As we got closer and closer to Rockport, it stopped raining altogether. As we came to the river, I saw my first bald eagle in a tree across the river, but Dan missed it as he was driving. We got to the eagle center an they were saying that there weren't many left. I started to worry that Dan wouldn't see any. Although he said he wasn't, I know he was worried too.

We headed down the road to Howard Miller Steelhead Park to have our sandwiches and hopefully see some eagles. The Eagle Watchers were looking at something in a spotting scope when we pulled up so I sent Dan over there to find out what it was. Turned out to be a crow. No eagles there all day. :( Uh oh.

Dan finished eating and wanted to head on to a post we'd been told had one eagle earlier in the day. We decided to head back the way we came to check out this one bridge the guy said was usually good. As we were driving across we didn't see anything, but then I spotted two of them. Dan screeched the car off the road and we walked back to the bridge to look at two big and beautiful birds in a tree off the river. As we were watching another young eagle flew down the river towards us and soared over our heads and into a tree on the cliff above us. Very exciting and beautiful! Dan was happy and excited.

Up the road about a mile or two we saw another one, but there wasn't anywhere safe to pull off the road, so I convinced Dan to keep going to the mile-marker 100 stop that had been recommended. We got there a couple minutes later and there was an adult across the river in a tree. As we were watching it, another flew in. Then another flew in and landed on a gravel bar in the river and caught a fish and ate it.

We stayed there for awhile and just watched and listened to the docents talking. It was nice there, but a little cold. We got back in the car and headed back on a road I thought would put us on the other side of the river. It did put us there, but we didn't have many views. Oh well, we had seen a number of birds and both of us were happy.

We headed out through Darrington and got to Kingston just after the 5:10pm ferry left. Apparently we'd just missed a huge crowd of people that were headed up there to get home because of traffic in Seattle from the protests. We easily got on the 5:50 boat and headed home to relax and watch TV.

Sunday and Monday were days to relax too. We got Dan's new glasses fixed and did some shopping and cleaning, but that's all. I'm almost hoping we stay home the last weekend of February just to relax and rest a little. We've got to save our strength for our March 9-11 trip to Las Vegas. :)