January 2007

The month is barely half over and we've already filled it with activities and some pretty nasty winter weather. We finished off the year with rain and wind and power outages and snow. Now we've started it off with snow and ice and slippery roads that seem to stay around forever!

Here is our front yard including the snow on our laurels, the backyard table on our deck and the icy road in front of our house. Also our maple tree looks really amazing with that blue sky so I threw that picture in too. Just click on the picture to see a larger image and use your back button to return to this page.


Our big project for this month ended up being to paint the living room. We had big plans to take some time off and go stay at a cabin by the beach, but the weather got ugly and we added another dog to our family and things just seemed too complicated. So instead we took the time off Dan had from work and used it to finally get around to painting our living room! The color is by Behr and is called Sagey. Click the link to see the color on your computer from the Behr.com site.

It's a drastic difference from the pinky-peach color we've been living with for 3 years, but we love it and I think it's much more "us" than the last color was. :)

Dan took one afternoon to take the dogs up to the dog park by our house. Britt is the new dog. He's my grandparent's Brittney Spaniel. He's just come to live with us as they have moved into a place they can't take the dog. He's an older dog, already 11, but he's adjusting great and loves playing with Lucy wherever we go.

I stayed home from the park because I wasn't too thrilled about walking anywhere on that ice we've got all over our roads. I got some stuff done in my office and Dan got to go outside and get some sunshine therapy. The dogs loved it too. They met some neighborhood dogs up there too.

The picture to the right is of the cute little labarynth at the park. It doesn't work so well in the snow I guess. :)

So that's it for us. We still hope to get away one of these days. Dan has TONS of vacation time at work that they want him to take, but of course whenever we go to take it, there's something important scheduled he has to be there for. We'll figure it out. Maybe later this month!



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