July 2003

July was a slower month for us. We did manage to take a day and go over the Cascades to Leavenworth and to look around Highways 2, 97 and 90. It was VERY hot in Leavenworth so we didn't spend too much time there. Just enough to get oriented and see what was there.

The big event of the month was that I (Sonya) got a new doctor. She's right down at the bottom of the hill below our apartment, which is convenient. I loved my old doctor, but when I was really sick, it was just too hard to drive for an hour to get to him. My new doctor sent me to Seattle, to the hospital, to have some allery tests. I took the ferry over and spent an hour or so there getting tested.

I had a very strong reaction to the grass pollen. Turns out that my spring/summer cold every year has been an allergic reaction to grass. :) All those sudafed I took didn't do my any good. :)

I got some prescriptions for next spring, so hopefully I won't get as sick as I have been this year and last. All this greenery around me in Washington was supposed to be good for me. I guess it isn't as good as I thought. Ha Ha!


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