March 2003

Another busy month of changes for us. We went to Las Vegas to look at Wedding Locations. Click Here to see the Vegas trip report with all our pictures.

Right before we left for our trip, new people moved into the 3rd floor apartment. Well, long story short, they were a nightmare for the first week. First day they flooded our apartment by overstuffing their washer. Then they had a huge party the night before we left for the airport. Then they had a 1am fight with someone in the hallway who got mad and decided to bash their car into another car in the parking lot, smashing that second car into another truck. Luckily the truck wasn't ours, but our neighbor's. But it was parked right next to Dan's truck! Too scary!

All that drama got us talking about moving again. It was finally enough to motivate us to get over to Bainbridge and look at the aparmtents there again.

We had looked at the apartments when we first wanted to move up here but we chose the ones in Silverdale because they had a better location available in the complex and the price was right. We had planned to be here a year. Now it's been 19 months and we're ready to move.

The island will offer us some lifestyle improvements including a much shorter commute for Dan. No more driving to the expensive parking lot as the apartment is only 3.5 blocks from the ferry. And the boat ride is 30 minutes instead of 60.

Here's an update! Wednesday, March 26th we put in an application for the apartment we liked best. March 28th we got a phone call saying our application was fully approved. We've given notice and we pick up keys to the new apartment on April 22nd. We'll have movers come here to move our furniture and heavy stuff on Saturday April 26, 2003 and we'll turn in keys to the old apartment later that week.

Very scary and exciting at the same time. I'm looking forward to the new environment, but I'm worried about all the work involved in getting there and about fitting in at the new location.

Here are some pictures.