May 2003

April was mostly filled with getting ready for the move and recuperating after it was all over. We did manage to do a couple of things in the middle of May that were just for fun.

The first, was on May 18th. Every year in Poulsbo they have the Viking Fest. Part of the Viking Festivities is a lutefisk eating contest. I had been telling Dan about the disgusting thing called lutefisk for years and he'd been curious about it. I thought it would be great for him to see people chowing down on it while others, besides myself, made groaning and sick noises. :)

We got there just in time for the contest and got seats right up front. We watched the big tray of icky fish be brought in and the contestants get settled.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this "delicacy", it is a Scandanavian treat, usually eaten at Christmas from what I hear. It is cod that has been soaked in lye for at least a day. Then the lye is rinsed away and the fish is either boiled or baked. The fish at this even was boiled and prepared by the Sons of Norway. Ick!

Each contestant was given a pound of the lovely smelling pile of ick and they had a certain amount of time to eat it. If they finished, they got to continue eating and eating and eating. It was truly gross.

One of the best parts of the event was the fact that they had some leftovers. They told people to line up at the information booth and they'd be handing out samples of lutefisk. At last, Dan would have a chance to try it for himself. You can see by the pictures that he was able to keep it down. :)


What else? Oh, on the 24th we took another day off to explore around. We got a sandwich in the morning and made our way around Lake Sammammish to find a place to picnic. We found a really nice spot and had a nice lunch. Then we continued to drive around the lake and back towards Seattle through Woodinville. I kept hearing about how great Woodinville was, but we must have missed the good part because I didn't see anything special as we drove though.

We cut down into Seattle to Green Lake. We got out and walked around a bit. We found a great bike shop and looked around there too. We stopped at Cranium Coffee and got drinks and then made our way down to Pike's Market. Unfortunately just about everything was already closed, so we got on the boat and went home. It was a nice day out of the house, but we'll have to make it back to Pike's when it's open.