November 2006

It's hard to remember to keep this updated. :)

We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Dan and I made a very small turkey with stuffing, a few yukon gold potatoes, some candied yams and green beans for dinner on Thursday. Friday morning I had a playdate with some of Lucy's doggie friends and then Saturday we took off for a day outing.

We left around 9:30 in the morning and drove south around Tacoma. We cut over towards Bonney Lake and stopped at Lake Tapps. It was really windy and cold there and all the bathrooms were locked up for winter so we didn't stay very long. I'd like to go back in the spring or summer when it isn't so brisk there!

We circled around the lake and made our way through Auburn towards Flaming Geyser State Park. I've been seeing that name on the map since we moved here and I've always been curious. Turns out that the actual flaming part of the Flaming Geyser State Park is sort of anti-climactic. There was coal mining in the area and there are pockets of methane gas in the park. They have a small flame right by the old lodge that burns constantly. But it's just a little thing now, just a few inches tall. Sort of boring. :)

We did a nice hike up to Bubbling Geyser, which smelled nice and familiar. From there the trail went up a scary staircase and over the ridge. With all those wet leaves on the ground, it was quite a challenge to not fall and break a hip.

We had lunch by the Green River, which was VERY full after all our November rain. (Did I mention that we've had the wettest month on record here this month!? Crazy!) Then we headed out and towards another park by Kanasket.

Although we spent all day close to the snow, we never quite made it up to the snowline. We drove up through North Bend and stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. We got a coffee and a snack and walked up to see the falls. They were a lot bigger on the news last week when it was pouring, but the snow has slowed it down a bit. It's still pretty and I always like to stop and see the place we almost got married. :)

We stopped around 5:30pm in Gig Harbor for some dinner. We had a fantastic early bird special type deal at the Harbor Inn Restaurant and were able to hear a little bit of the jazz band there.

Sunday we got up to pouring rain that eventually turned to snow. I think we got an inch or two of snow here at our house. After some morning errands, we just curled up at home and watched it snow outside all afternoon.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


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