Here's an update.

We closed on the house on December 12th. We did a preclose final walkthru earlier that week (picture below) and were so excited! Neither of us wanted to leave the walkthru and go back to the apartment.

On December 12th, Dan came home early from work and we picked up the keys. Then we moved some things into the garage and had our first meal in the new house - McDonald's eaten on the floor of the living room. :)

The next week was full of work and appointments for Sonya. I had appliances delivered, plumbers came in, chimneys swept, carpets cleaned, a cleaning crew and kept myself busy attacking some ivy and doing some other small projects. Dan and I cleaned up some plumbing in the utility room (picture below) but since a plumber was coming out anyway, we had him fix it for our needs, saving us some very precious time. Dan had to work all week as both the other IT guys in the office were on vacation or in training classes. It was a challenge, but good planning saved the day.

On the 18th, we borrowed a truck from our realtor and moved everything we could. Then on the 19th we hired some guys to move the heavy furniture and they ended up moving most of the boxes up from the garage to the main floor of the house. We were busy getting unpacked and fairly organized so we could have some form of Christmas. On the 21st we went out looking for a tree, but couldn't find one anywhere! I thought we were going to have to do without, but we found some at a place on the Indian Reservation just off the island. It was a little small, but it ended up beautiful and perfect for us this year.

The house after our final walkthru A plumbing challenge after our cleanup, before the plumber arrived. Our first tree in our own house!
After Christmas we got a little snow. We enjoyed not having to go out in it so we hunkered down and worked on some projects and enjoyed Frankie's first snow.
Frankie was not too sure about the snow, but Dan wasn't too difficult to convince that he had to make a snow angel on our front lawn. :)
The next morning Dan took these pictures of the front of our house, our address sign and our street, and then down Rose Avenue towards Eagle Harbor.
I did a pretty fair job on the ivy by the front door while vendors worked inside. Also, these pictures of the kitchen are for my mom.
Okay, so now you are free to say that I don't need new kitchen flooring before people come to the house. :) It IS the ugliest lino in the world and it is in REALLY bad shape. Need new floor prior to a wedding that will take place right out that door above the stain from the rugs.
But all is going slowly and surely. We have started painting. We scraped off the accoustic ceiling in Dan's office and replaced that sunshine yellow with a sagey green color. The dark color in the middle is the wall, and the lighter, the ceiling.

So I guess that's the update for now. We hope to finish up Dan's office this week and get him set up back in there by the weekend. Then we paint my office! From there... who knows? We're talking about doing the guest bathroom next.

One other item of note. Today Dan was downstairs cleaning a paint brush. On his way up the stairs he called out to me, "Bale eagles!" We ran out onto the deck and watched as long as we could in the 25 degree cold as a pair of eagles circled above our house. I was wondering how long it would be until we saw an eagle in Eagledale. :)

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