August 28, 2010

Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point

The first spring after we moved to Washington, we went up to Hurricane Ridge in the hopes of driving out to the end of the road to Obstruction Point. Unfortunately we were only able to get out part of the way before we hit a big wall of snow. We always talked about trying it again at the end of some summer. This was our year.

Hurricane Ridge Map

If you look at the map you can see that from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, there is a small dirt road that heads way out into the park to Obstruction Point and trails to the great beyond. This is such an amazing drive.

We drove up with all the traffic of summer tourist season. After a quick potty break at the visitor center, we headed back out of the parking lot and made a sharp right onto the dirt road. When I say "sharp right" I can't quite explain what it's like. We have seen cars start to make the turn, but change their minds in the first few feet. The road is narrow and it's a steep drop off to the downhill side. It takes more than a bit of confidence in your car and your driving skills.

Here are a few of the pictures we took to give you an idea of how beautiful it was up there.

We weren't alone up there as you can see by these furry friends who didn't want to let our car go through.
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Road to Obstruction Point

This is the view back towards the heart of the Olympics. That big guy out there is Mount Olympus. I've spent a lot of time looking at these mountains and this was the first time I saw the big one in the middle.

Road to Obstruction Point

This is from our way back towards Hurricane Ridge. Hey! I can see Canada!

Road to Obstruction Point

This is when we round that last corner and skirt along the ridge back to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. You can see the road and the building across the valley.

Road to Obstruction Point

It was sure gorgeous up there. Hopefully we can get up there again and take some of those trails from the end of the road into the "way out there" zone of the Olympics.

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