The Wedding

It's happening!


We finally tied the knot!

We have been back and forth and round and round about working out wedding details. We can't seem to come up with something that works for everyone. After deciding there was no way to make the wedding happen on our ideal date, we decided to go ahead and have the ceremony on May 5th and then have a party later this year for everyone.

May 5, 2004 was the 9 year anniversary of our first date. It was just nine years ago that we both traveled from our homes (me in Santa Clara and Dan in Victorville) to meet in a hotel parking lot near Disneyland. I think that other than "Hi" my first words to Dan were "Oh no, you're going to be trouble!" and he has been. :) But it's the good kind of trouble and we're going to make it official finally.

We went to the Rolling Bay Municipal Court here on Bainbridge Island on Wednesday afternoon. We hired a photographer, Karyn Carpenter, and set it up so that Judge Stephen Holman would perform the ceremony. We wrote our own vows, got some nice clothes to wear, ordered flowers and a small cake and chilled a bottle of our favorite champagne in the refrigerator. It was wonderful.

After our ceremony, took some portraits with our photographer. After that we packed up the truck and headed out for a long weekend in British Columbia. It was my first visit in over 15 years and Dan's first visit to British Columbia ever. It was so much fun.

Thanks to everyone for understanding us making the decision to do this small ceremony for the two of us. I can't tell you how relieved I am that nobody is mad at us. I have been working with my mother on ideas for having a party at my parents' house in Arroyo Grande, CA later this year. More information on that later.

Here are the links to the photos from the ceremony, after the ceremony and the honeymoon.

Ceremony Pictures

Wedding Pictures 1

Wedding Pictures 2

Honeymoon Pictures