The Location

Some of the locations we're currently considering are:

Las Vegas, Nevada Washington State Yosemite

There aren't that many people that would come to our wedding, so it doesn't seem like it should be so complicated to set up a destination wedding somewhere. I'm sure I'll figure out I'm wrong in no time at all. :) My only concern is whether or not important people will travel to see us married. It would be sad to have to leave some people out becuase of travel difficulties.

We've narrowed down our choices to three locations. Either

Las Vegas - We'd have a chapel ceremony in a hotel and then have either a reception in a restaurant or in a suite at the hotel.

Washington State - Probably something small and simple at a park or other pretty location.

Yosemite - Dan and I would "elope" to Yosemite and then have a reception party a few days later, probably in Arroyo Grande at the club house by my parents' house.

Pros/Cons -

Vegas - Definitely is the easiest route. I know Vegas, I know the hotels and how things work there. I've seen most of the restaurants, hotels and chapels already so it should be easy to figure out what I want there. It's not very expensive, but I can get something nice with a nice hotel and a good vacation. The bad side is that forever I'll tell people that I got married in Vegas and they'll give me that look that says, "poor girl had an Elvis wedding in some cheezy chapel with neon aisle runners". Also, I'm not sure how excited everyone else will be about the idea of visiting Vegas. Dan and I love it, but I'm not sure about everyone else.

Washington State - This one would be the easiest to plan as we're so close to everything so I can follow up on things in person instead of relying on phone and email. The downside would be that I would have to plan it all instead of handing my list over to a coordinator and then showing up the day of, knowing someone else already did the flowers, photography, decorating, etc.

Yosemite - Yosemite is a sentimental favorite for both Dan and I. I think the thing that brought us together was our shared interest in the park and photography in the park. I remember when some strange guy sent me emails asking me to meet him at Soda Springs, now that guy's my fiance! :) If we did decide to have a ceremony in Yosemite, we'd want it to be just us. We'd follow up with a reception party, probably in Arroyo Grande either at my mom's house or at the clubhouse of the golf course they live on. My only concern about this choice is that people would be upset with us that they weren't included in the ceremony. Certainly feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts about that. Of course I reserve the right to veto. :)

Disneyland - Disneyland has been voted off the island. The tribe has spoken and they decided that for the money, we could do a lot more somewhere else... or save the money to buy our house. :) Sorry Mickey!

Big Sur- Nevermind

Lake Tahoe- Nevermind