Washington State Locations

Salish Lodge & Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course

Feb. 1, 2003 - Dan and I headed out to look at a couple of Washington State locations we had considered for our wedding. We got up and got on the ferry from Bainbridge and headed to the other side of the world (or so it seems to me since I never go there). Stopped and got some donuts at Krispy Kreme and managed to make it to our appointment at Salish Lodge.

We arrived to find terrible traffic trying to get into the parking lot for the lodge and the valet parking was jammed. The entrance to the lodge is also the entrance to the public park for Snoqualmie Falls and since we've had so much rain, the falls were huge and a big attraction this weekend. What a zoo!

I jumped out of the car while Dan dealt with the valet and ran into the lobby to let Jan know we were there for our appointment. She had an appointment 30 minutes before us that she didn't think would take very long as it was just to finalize some plans for a wedding next weekend. WRONG! They had all kinds of problems including a guest list that outgrew their room, so she was busy. We waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes for her to arrive. The thing I noticed most was how many Lookie-loo's were wandering in from the falls just to look around. About 1 out of every 3 tourists through walked down the stairs to see what was going on in the ballroom, including kids who were bounding down the stairs. Didn't exactly make me want to have a wedding there, but I knew Dan was excited about the location so I tried to keep an open mind. :)

Jan came out and apologized for the wait. She asked us some more questions about our party size and what kind of wedding we were planning, dinner and ceremony, date, etc. She suggested that we have the ceremony in the Vintage room and then go upstairs to have a reception in the Atrium room right above it. We'd have a closed off area, just off the lobby, for just us.

The Vintage room was very small, but sort of cozy with a fireplace and warm woods. The room was set for a reception, but we talked about how we would put in a few rows of chairs and decorate the mantel with tulle and flowers and candles and stuff in my colors (whatever those end up being! ha ha!). Dan was pretty quiet, but he usually doesn't say much in these situations, so nothing new.

(The photos are linked to bigger pictures if you need them. Just click on them for a bigger picture and then use the back button to return to this page)

Upstairs to the Atrium room. We said that we wanted something with windows because the Vintage room was sort of claustrophobic. It's about 20x20 but the ceiling is only 8' high or so and it seems smaller.

The Atrium room was larger with a sloped ceiling and a wall of windows. It was set for a corporate event, but I could picture the round tables in there instead.

The most obvious "con" of the Atrium room is that those windows look out to the parking lot and valet stand. Not too romantic, but not as claustrophobic as the downstairs room. But still not exactly what we were hoping for. I asked if there was a larger room where we could have the ceremony and reception in one room, maybe something with a better view. Jan took us over to another room and had another coordinator meet us because her other appointment was ready for her to come back. That was no problem with me and we switched off in the Falls Terrace room.

Again the room is set up for corporate, but I can imagine rounds. This room has a bar that opens up to a kitchen area and some nice areas for a cake table and lots of room to hang out. This room also has a separate entrance from the front of the hotel. You don't go through the lobby or through the restaurant to get into it. Unfortunately, I was too busy talking that I didn't get pictures of the bar and cake table area. Sorry.

The big plus of this location is that the room opens up to a patio area that overlooks the Snoqualmie Falls. The ceremony would be held on the patio with the sound of the falls in the background. Sounds wonderful to both Dan and I. But there are some problems with the location I really don't like.

These pictures are taken from out on the patio. You can sort of see the top of the falls over the railing behind the chair above. In the picture on the left below this one, you can see the white and blue fence. The top of those steps has a little gate that leads to the public park. The view below, with the people in rain gear (Welcome to WA!) is from the public park looking back onto the Falls Terrace Patio. Hmmm. Might be just a little too public for us. :)

Above are two more views of the patio from the public park. I was feeling a little nervous about the exposed nature of the patio and even more when I saw people walking through the little gate to look in the windows of the Falls Terrace room and into the restaurant next door! I started to have visions of people crashing the party. :)

Dan and I looked at the falls from the park a little bit. Here are a couple of pics.

Then Dan's phone rang. It was another wedding coordinator I'd been trying to set up and appointment with on Friday. She was in and ready to show us the place if we were in the area. We were right around the corner so we agreed to meet her in 15-20 minutes. Next stop... TPC (Tournament Players Club) Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course.

Looked for photos of my dad in the clubhouse amid all the pictures of Jack Nicklaus getting his jackets and trophies at various Masters and other golf tournaments. Didn't find one by the time Cristy came out to meet us and take us over to the banquet area. :)

The ceremonies are held outside, when possible, at their arbor with Mt Si in the background. You might know Mt. Si as the mountain you saw at every commercial break on the TV show 'Twin Peaks'. The picture isn't good as it was rainy, but you can get an idea. It's really a beautiful big old rock. :) They are doing some construction there now but usually the arbor is covered in ivy and has hanging flower baskets on it.

From there, guests are brought into the banquet area, overlooking the arbor and golf course and proceed the drinking and eating. :) It was beautiful there and everyone seemed very nice. We walked around, talked about golf with someone who knows even less about golf than we do, and then headed towards home.

We stopped at Togo's and grabbed some sandwiches to eat on the Edmonds ferry for dinner and headed for the boat. We talked a little bit about the places we visited. We both agreed that while both were lovely, neither one of them really sang to us. Our little joke is that we should hear the "Ahhhh..." of angels singing when we find the right location like we did when we found the setting for the engagement ring. :) Neither one of us heard bells or angels or even a mild ding-a-ling at either location. Then even Dan admitted that the prices we were being quoted for just location rental would cover that plus officiant, flowers, photos and video in Las Vegas. :)

It was sort of sad that we didn't love those locations more. I really wanted us to be more excited about them. I don't think we've ruled either of them out, but we didn't jump up and down and start picking colors or a date for them either.

So we're still on the drawing board page. Still waiting to find a place that makes us excited. So far the closest we've gotten is a brochure from Rio Hotel and Suites in Vegas. Dan has always loved that hotel and casino and the packages looked nice. A good online friend, David Berman, was surprised to find it wasn't on our list of places to consider because he had been so impressed with their facilities. So it went on the list and Dan actually was interested in the brochure, so that's a good sign. I guess a trip to Vegas is in the very near future.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Washington locations we looked at on 2/1. Maybe, hopefully, there will be more later.



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