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Salish Lodge - Visit #2

Feb. 22, 2003 - Dan and I headed back over the Sound (3rd week in a row!) to visit Salish Lodge again. They were having a Bridal Fair with all the rooms decorated for weddings instead of business meetings like when we were there visiting on the 1st of the month. I thought that even if we still didn't love it, we could get some decorating ideas. I had no idea how big a difference the decorations could and would make. I'll start slowly. :)

First here are a couple of table decorations they had downstairs in the Ballroom for the fashion show and luncheon. Dan loved the chocolate ones. I figure that if dinner is late, people can start snacking on the centerpieces! :)

These are some favors they have available for guests at the wedding that were cute. I shot the picture because I was too tired to think about them and remember ideas. :)

Upstairs is the Boardroom. I really loved this room, with the suite attached and the balcony view of the waterfall, but the room is only for 12 people and I think we'll have more than that. Of course as people let us know if they're coming, we can always change I guess. Didn't ask about that. Oops. :) Here's the Boardroom and the suite attached to it.

The suite has a sitting room and dining room in it that could be overflow from the Boardroom. Not sure how that all works. I didn't even think to ask more about it.

Also upstairs is The Attic. I don't see it on the list for a reception site, but it would be a neat place to have a sandwich or something if you were staying there.

Here is the Atrium and Vintage rooms again. What we'd do if we used these rooms is have the ceremony in the Vintage room and then move upstairs to the Atrium for the reception. I liked this room much better, but I think Dan still thinks the Vintage room is too claustrophobic because it doesn't have any windows. He did admit that he thought he could survive in there for a 15-20 minute ceremony. :)

Okay, here it is. I saw the Falls Terrace before and I thought it was a good location, but seeing it today was a totally different experience. Dan and I started walking up from the parking lot and I saw the tent/canopy out for the rain today and I thought, oh interesting. Then I saw the chairs and the unity candles and I got a little bride-y. But when we went into the room from the front entrance to the room (separate from the hotel) I seriously thought I was going to cry because it was so beautiful.

Two guys were in the corner playing some light jazz and another guy was serving up water and punch in the bar area. The flowers and little cocktail tables were so beautiful and the room was set for 20 people, just exactly what we're thinking we're going to have. Too gorgeous and just right for our small party. Seriously, I thought I was going to cry.

I think that this moves Salish Lodge back up onto our list of possible locations, but still the price is a consideration, especially since Salish doesn't come with a built in honeymoon as it's so close to home. :) All things to consider.

We're still going to Las Vegas next month to look there. I'm getting some good information from the hotel chapels that is quite exciting, but more about that when we get back from Vegas.